If the Montana legislature fails to continue Medicaid expansion it will result in:
  • Hundreds of thousands of missed opportunities to detect cancer early, receive outpatient mental health care, receive preventive care before a medical emergency;

  • Loss of $600 million in economic activity;

  • Higher rates of uncompensated care which drives up health care costs for everyone and harms the viability of our rural hospitals;

  • Higher health care costs for our small businesses; and

  • Our federal taxpayer dollars will go to other states to cover their expanded Medicaid.

Montanans from across the state support re-authorization of Medicaid expansion without imposing unreasonable barriers to coverage.

Lawmakers have a unique opportunity to work together to fundamentally shift Montana’s health care system away from costly “sick care” toward more efficient and effective “well care.” The key element is coverage, which increases access to care and preventive services. Join us in urging lawmakers to work together and continue the proven, bipartisan success of Medicaid expansion in Montana.


Expanded coverage through Medicaid expansion is:
  • Good for patients 

  • Good for local businesses

  • Good for our communities

  • Good for all Montanans

  • Good for our economy

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Without action from the Montana Legislature, the HELP Act, which includes Medicaid expansion, is set to expire this year. Let your voice be heard and contact your local legislators today.