Thanks to the leadership and courage of 28 Montana Senators and 61 Montana Representatives, our state is one step closer to continuing a policy that is saving lives, creating jobs, investing in a healthier workforce and fueling a $2 billion economic engine.

NEWS: On Thursday April 18, 2019, the Montana House voted 61 - 35 in favor of continuing Medicaid expansion by passing HB 658. On Tuesday April 16, 2019, the Montana Senators voted 28 - 22 in favor of HB 658. Because these legislators were willing to reach across the aisle and work together, a bill that saves lives, create jobs, invests in a healthier workforce will now head to Governor Bullock's desk for his signature.


Please take a moment to thank the 61 Representatives and 28 senators who had the courage to support this bipartisan solution.

SAVES LIVES – More than 8,191 women who received breast cancer screenings;

More than 2,631 possible cases of colon cancer were averted; and

Close to 31,800 patients who received outpatient mental health services. 

CREATES JOBS – more than 9,700 jobs created and sustained.


SUPPORTS SMALL BUSINESSES – 3 in 5 Montana businesses have one or more employees enrolled.


KEEPS WORKING MONTANANS ON THE JOB – increased access to care for 100,000 Montanans.


BOLSTERS OUR ECONOMY –  $793 million in new and sustained wages, $2 billion in new economic activity.